Should You Get an Artificial Disc Replacement?

Should You Get an Artificial Disc Replacement?

If you feel like your back pain no longer responds to the medicine, therapy, or any other non-surgical treatment, you may need to look into artificial cervical disc replacement.

To know more about the process of using artificial cervical discs, we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know in this article. To be specific, we will discuss what the process is, when you should consider it, its risks, and the benefits that you may get from it.

What is Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement?

Artificial disc replacement is a kind of surgery involving the spine and its discs. During the process, the surgeon removes the spine’s damaged disc and replaces it with an artificial one. Although man-mad, you can expect that it can still function realistically.

Moreover, the artificial disc’s material is a combination of polycarbonate urethane and titanium.

When Should You Get Cervical Disc Replacement?

Artificial disc replacement is not something that you can get done just because you feel like it. This is preserved for patients that are having problems with their arm and neck movements. However, instead of the issues rooting to the neck joints, they are caused by faulty spinal discs.

Some symptoms may include feeling burns, tingles, and numbness in the arms.

Is Cervical Disc Replacement Safe?

The process of cervical disc replacement has a success rate of at least 95%. This is significantly higher than that of spinal fusion, which amounts to 70% to 90%. If you get it done with the skills and expertise of a professional spine surgeon, then you can rest assured that the process is safe.

In addition, you can expect a comfortable process since cervical disc replacement won’t involve any bone welding.

Of course, there are risks involved. But expect that most of them are short-lived and are commonly only felt post-surgery.

Benefits of Cervical Disc Replacement

Here are some benefits of availing of artificial cervical disc replacement for spinal issues:

  • Preserves normal neck and joint movement
  • Significantly reduces spine stress during and after the surgery
  • Offers a faster recovery time compared to other treatments
  • Guarantees a high success rate

Again, to make the most out of these benefits, you should ensure that you’re working with a credible surgeon in the field. This process is also one of the most recommended due to the comfort that it can give to the patient.


Compared to other surgical treatments like cervical fusion, artificial cervical disc replacement will provide much more comfortable results. In addition, with more innovative solutions, you can also expect a higher success rate.

All in all, if you’re having severe back problems, you should definitely get an artificial cervical disc replacement. However, to assure your safety, make sure to work with health professionals.