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Electronic Cigarette Benefits

15 September, 2012 (15:25) | Electronic Cigarette | By: Russell

Smoking may be bad for your health but it cannot be denied that people still like to smoke because they have already acquired the habit. Some people do not want to quit smoking even if they know the health risks. This is because they like the feeling of inhaling smoke in their lungs. It relaxes them and helps them deal with the stress that they experience in their lives. It is a good thing that there is now another option wherein people can enjoy their smoking habit without exposing themselves and the people around them to the health risks of cigarette smoke. This is in the form of an electronic cigarette or e-cig for short. This is a special electronic device that enables a person to enjoy smoking without inhaling unhealthy cigarette smoke.

Water Vapor

Electronic cigarettes use water vapor to replicate the form and function of cigarette smoke. As such, there is no burning of tobacco leaves and cigarette paper involved. Instead, electronic cigarettes use a special system wherein flavored water vapor is generated every time a person inhales on the e-cig. Inhaling flavored water vapor perfectly replicates the sensation and the effects of inhaling actual cigarette smoke. Many hardcore smokers have claimed that they do not notice any difference between smoking a real cigarette and smoking electronic cigarettes. This is the main reason why electronic cigarettes grew fast in their popularity. Many smokers who wanted to continue their smoking habit while making sure that they do not expose themselves to unwanted health risks took up electronic cigarettes. As smokers recommended electronic cigarettes to fellow smokers, the popularity of the e-cig really increased through word of mouth.

Safer than real cigarettes

As previously mentioned, electronic cigarettes are definitely safer than real cigarettes. This is because actual cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide and tar. This can wreak havoc in one’s lungs when inhaled regularly over a long period of time. Aside from this tobacco smoke is actually full of carcinogens. This means you can get lung cancer and other people can also get lung cancer through second-hand smoke. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes only give out water vapor. This makes them the healthier choice because smokers will be inhaling nothing but water vapor into their lungs. Smokers who are looking to get their nicotine fix will also enjoy electronic cigarettes because there are models that have special cartridges that contain nicotine. This ensures that smokers who try electronic cigarettes will no longer be tempted to return to smoking actual cigarettes.

Wide variety of models available

Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of models that fit all kinds of smoking habits. There are special models that cater to smokers who only want to get one to two puffs before heading back into work. There are also models that cater to people who want to smoke for a long period.

If you want to continue your smoking habit but don’t want to be exposed to the health risks of smoking real cigarettes, then an electronic cigarette is definitely your best option. Go ahead and try one out right now. They are safe and definitely worth your money.

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