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Electronic Cigarettes: The Answer to Quit Smoking?

6 April, 2012 (15:18) | Electronic Cigarette | By: Russell

The Very Sad Statistics of an Increase in Smokers

As reported by the World Health Organizations, statistics show that the number of smokers across the different age groups from all over the world rapidly increased through the years. The sadder part is, the age group of smokers has gotten bigger — yes in certain countries, even children are hooked to cigarette smoking. To this date, it has been claimed that the youngest smoker is a two year old boy in India, who can smoke at least two packs of cigarettes in a day.

Why Do People Smoke?

Why do people smoke in the first place? If you ask a person why he or she smokes, you can get quite a variety of answers. Nonetheless, the two major reasons are peer pressure and stress.

  • Peer Pressure – Probably the biggest reason why people smoke is peer pressure. Because of how media (e.g. the movies, books, etc.) incorporate smoking in its stories and so on, the perception of people on smoking got into the limelight. A lot of people first try out smoking because they want to “be in” or be cool. Eventually, they end up being addicted to it.
  • Stress – The components in a cigarette can help an individual cope with stress. This is why you would often see workaholics smoke their lungs out during the break time. Moreover, there are also some scientific studies that point out that cigarettes are a great way to keep you awake. Thus, you will often see people who work graveyard shifts puffing cigarettes too.

The Challenge of Quitting

It is a known fact that smoking is dangerous for one’s health. But then, one’s addiction to nicotine is pretty hard to lose. So how can people quit smoking? Well, there are actually a number of ways. Take note however that quitting can’t happen overnight, it is a gradual process that requires a lot of self-discipline and patience.

If you are someone who has the discipline and is 100% willing to endure anything just to quit, then you can just simply stop at your own will. But for those who are kind of weak in the knees, there are things that could help them gradually quit. These include gum, patches, and so forth.

Electronic Cigarettes: For The “Weaker” Quitters

Then again, there are really people who can’t resist to puff though they badly want to keep their hands off cigarettes for health reasons. For people like these (a.k.a. the “weaker quitters”), the best approach to quitting is by means of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes (or e-cigs as some people refer to it) is a battery-operated device that mimics a cigarette. However, it doesn’t contain all those harmful elements inside cigarettes; instead it uses a form of vapor.

Technically speaking, electronic cigarettes do not let you literally stop or let you quit smoking since you do still puff a cigarette-looking device. However, compared to a real cigarette, smoking an e-cigarette does not come with harmful effects.

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